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I/WE recognize that On The Fly, Inc., is not in any way obligated to franchise a On The Fly store to ME/US because of MY/OUR execution of this document. I/WE acknowledge that any false statement on this application shall be considered sufficient cause to deny any further consideration or cause revocation of any signed agreement with On The Fly, Inc. I/WE understand that any inquiry regarding MY/OUR character, general reputation, personal characteristics, financial background and general fitness for being a On The Fly Franchisee may be made as a result of this application. In addition, by signing below I/WE release any and all former and/or present employers, and any other personal or business references, from any liability whatsoever in connection with On The Fly’s attempt to investigate MY/OUR background and determine MY/OUR fitness to become a On The Fly Franchisee. I/WE specifically authorize On The Fly to obtain credit reports from one or more credit bureaus and background check on ME/US and MY/OUR business(es). A copy of this authorization may be used in place of and shall be valid as the original. I/WE understand that this application is considered active for 180 days from the date below. By submitting this application I/WE agree that this information is correct and I/WE give On The Fly, Inc., permission to obtain a Credit Report and Background Report for the individuals listed on this application. I understand and acknowledge that if I am married but do not provide complete information for myself and my spouse, On The Fly, Inc. cannot process this application.